Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bud Light is AWESOME!

I don't usually watch TV, so I'm rarely fortunate enough to see the AWESOME commercials that are on.  However, during this football season, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing a bunch of HILARIOUS and BRILLIANT Bud Light Ads!

They're always about normal people like me doing HILARIOUS stuff like I always do while drinking Bud Light (which everyone does, duh!).  My favorite one was like this:

 The best part is how in every commercial, someone says their slogan, "Here We Go!"  It's probably the best slogan ever because beer slogans should say something about how the beer tastes or its quality or some such and "Here We Go" TOTALLY does that!  That's why it's so cool that they manage to shoehorn it into every commercial, having a character say it at a time that is completely appropriate and makes perfect sense!

Even though it's probably the best slogan ever, companies like to change their slogans pretty often so I came up with some more that are really good at describing Bud Light's taste, quality, and ability to make even the most boring times FUN!  Here they are.  Anheuser-Busch, you may use these free of charge.

I know, right?  Right?

I really want a beer now, don't you?


Bud Light is the best!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let's get this elephant on the road.

Myspace has died and getting on Facebook for more than five seconds makes me feel like a Muslim with a mouthful of pork around noon in the middle of Ramadan, so I hereby proclaim this to be my official word depository.  Pardon the mess, I'm still learning how to use this stupid thing.

Anyway, for your amusement, here's the Very Bright Thing I Did for today:

Step 1: Attempt to squirt shaving cream into hand.
Step 2: Completely miss hand.  Squirt shaving cream all over wall.
Step 3: Attempt to clean up mess with toilet paper.  Fail miserably.
Step 4: Use hand to clean up remaining mess.  For some reason, don't wash shaving cream off of hand.
Step 5: Become annoyed with hair hanging in face.  Brush freshly washed hair aside with shaving cream-covered hand.
Step 6: Hair is now full of shaving cream.  Stupid successfully achieved.