Saturday, July 14, 2012

How Did You Know I Needed Women's Pants?

Usually my spam emails aren't that great.  They try to sell me Viagra--which I don't need (yet)--or convince me to give Prince Mbongwe from Nigeria my bank account information so he can wire me ten million dollars.  They tell me that their name is Kristy and they are naked and want to meet up with me soon.  Sometimes their name is Frank, but they are invariably naked and want to meet up with me soon and are desperately in need of my credit card number.
But not today.
Today, they received my Lorna Jane Style Request (apparently).  I was pleased to find out that I (apparently) am interested in buying some women's pants from their store in Australia.
The email was as follows:
Hi [my name!  how did they know my name?],

Thank you for shopping on

Your style request has been received and one of our Lorna Jane Angels will be in touch shortly to help you locate your desired style.

"Beyonce 7/8 Tight (m)"

For faster service or for any additional assistance with your style request please call 1300 LORNA JANE (1300 567 625) to speak to a Lorna Jane Angel now*.

We look forward to helping you Live Active!

Thank you,
The Lorna Jane Team

* The Lorna Jane Angels are available to assist you over the phone during customer service business hours Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM AEST.

I wondered if the Lorna Jane Angels were the ones who were always naked and emailing me or whatever, but I figured what the heck, I'll check out the website.
Oh man.  These are some nice pants.  Only 65 Australian dollars?  I must have them.

This is my bum, I guess.
Well, magic Internet spam email machine, for once you got it right.  Yes.  I do in fact want some Beyonce 7/8 Tight (m) ladies' pants... or leggings... or whatever the heck they are.  In fact, I bought some already, and decided to post a picture.  Thanks, Lorna Jane Angels, for helping me Live Active!

I bet Frank really wants my credit card number now.