Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Consumer Warning! DO NOT USE EXFOLIANTS!

If you've bought any skin care products recently, you may have noticed that many contain chemicals called "exfoliants." Manufacturers claim that these chemicals open pores and clean skin.
In the Vietnam War, the U.S. military used DEFOLIANTS to cause the leaves of trees to fall off.
If you look at the etymology of the word "defoliant," you have the prefix de- meaning a negation or removal, and -foliant from foliage, meaning leaves or greenery.
Similarly in "exfoliant," you have the prefix ex- meaning "out of," and -foliant as mentioned before. This means that using these products will cause LEAVES to GROW OUT OF YOUR SKIN!
Below is a picture of Attila Csihar (vocalist of the band Mayhem) who, after fighting a losing battle with exfoliants, is now a tree.

Manufacturers don't want you to know about this horrible reality because ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS MONEY and not the well-being of their customers.
Please pass this information on to your friends and maybe we can help get these destructive products taken off the shelves!

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